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5 out of 5 sprouts

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post was written before we decided to give up meat. Occasionally, we will sample a meat dish, usually when we are invited to a restaurant opening or special event.

I’m a girl from Philly- therefore I love my cheesesteaks.  But only the real ones.  Not these wanna-be imposters that clutter Orlando claiming to have a real cheesesteak or the “Best Philly cheesesteak in town.”  See- the thing is- when you really do have the real thing and you are the best- you don’t have to brag- people just know and flock to you.  Enter the wonderful world of Brianto’s Hoagies in the Avalon Park neighborhood east of Orlando.

Briantos Cheesesteaks

I admit it.  I am a cheesesteak snob.  I am very particular about how I eat my cheesesteaks.  In Philly, we stand in line in any weather at any hour to get the real thing.  The real thing in Philly is served with Cheez Whiz, sometimes provolone.  I am amazed at the places here in Florida who claim to have the real thing and don’t have the Cheez Whiz let alone the provolone.  And the roll?  Forget about it!

A real Philly cheesesteak is always served on an Amoroso Roll- a very special roll made in Philly and an absolute necessity to making a real cheesesteak.  No worries, because Brianto’s has their rolls shipped right from the Amaroso factory.  And yes- there really is a huge difference.

Briantos Cheesesteaks

Also, when in Philly, there is a certain way to order a cheesesteak.  See- the lines are long in Philly- you need to know how to order and then get out of the way of the person behind you. Gotta keep the line moving. There are places in Philly that will boot you to the back of the line if you do not order properly.  (Though I have never seen anyone actually get thrown to the back of the line.)  No worries, Brianto’s will train you.  They have this sign hanging up so you can study before you order.

Briantos Cheesesteaks

Well, I ordered my cheesesteak with provolone, green peppers and onions.  After years of being frustrated with all the wanna-bes in Orlando I finally found my home.  My own little cheesesteak Heaven.

Briantos Cheesesteaks

Of course, your side can be fries or onion rings up north but here at Brianto’s they serve the steaks with chips.  Herr’s chips– another Philly institution.  They go perfectly with a cheesesteak.


Briantos Cheesesteaks

And, of course, one cannot end a true Philly experience without the world famous Tastykakes, which used to be only available in the Philly area.  I have only recently started to see them more widely available in Publix, Winn Dixie and Walmart.  If you have never had a Tastykake you should really try the Butterscotch Krimpets- really, do it now.

By the way, Chad had a Pizza Steak and it was pretty darn good too.

Briantos Cheesesteaks

If you are a Philly sports fan you will really appreciate the atmosphere.  If you are any type of a sports fan you too will appreciate Brianto’s.  You can also catch any of the Philly sports teams on TV at Brianto’s, along with some fabulous beer specials.  This year they are also sponsoring a field trip to watch the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa at Raymond James Stadium.

Briantos Cheesesteaks  Briantos Cheesesteaks

And Brianto’s is more than just cheesesteaks.  They also serve hoagies, salads, burgers and chicken steaks.  I am so happy to have found a real spot for a real cheesesteak here in Central Florida.

Brianto’s website

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2 comments for “Brianto’s Hoagies Avalon Park

  1. Helen Corbin
    November 19, 2012 at 11:05 am

    That is absolutely fantastic – I wonder, though, if they have vegan cheese steaks. Would we get tossed out on our ear if we asked :-) :-) Love your rating system!!!!!!!!!!

  2. November 19, 2012 at 11:35 am

    Brianto’s Original Hoagies of Avalon Park
    12001 Avalon Lake Dr.
    Orlando FL. 32828
    Open 7 days a week
    Mon – Fri. 10a to 9p
    Sat, Sun Serving Breakfast 8a to 1030a
    Regular menu also available until close (9p)
    Been open over 5 years and running!

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