Waffle House or Huddle House?

Cheese n eggs Waffle House

Cheez N’ Eggs at Waffle House

Those of us fortunate to live in the South know the meaning of the words scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, diced, peppered, capped, topped and country.  At least how those words all relate to food.  These are all words used to custom order those beloved Waffle House hashbrowns.  Waffle House is a true Southern Institution though there a few scattered as far north as Ohio and Pennsylvania and as far West as Arizona.  However, down here, especially in Orlando, there is a Waffle House every couple of miles in which ever direction you travel.  New Jersey has their diners, we have our Waffle House.  Greatest place in the world for greasy, cheap and quick grub.

Eggs Over Medium Waffle House

Two Egg Platter at Waffle House

We recently drove up into Georgia and came across a Huddle House.  Both were started in Georgia.  Both are open 24 hours a day. Both offer breakfast round the clock.  Both are mostly scattered across the Southern United States.  While Waffle House has over 1700 locations in 25 states, Huddle House only has 430 outlets in 21 states.  But does bigger mean better?

Scattered Smothered and Peppered Waffle House

Scattered, Smothered and Peppered at Waffle House

First of all, Waffle House does have those famous hashbrowns. They are also popular with the waffle crowd.

Waffle Waffle House

Waffle at Waffle House

Huddle House doesn’t really have a signature dish.  They do offer waffles as well as French toast and omelets.  There are egg platters with bacon, sausage, ham or fried steak.

French Toast Huddle House

French Toast at Huddle House

At Waffle House you can custom build your hashbrowns and just pay for what you order.  At Huddle House you can order your hashbrowns all the way with ham, onions, tomatoes, peppers and cheese for an extra $1.69.  For me, someone who doesn’t eat ham, I can have the ham left off but I still pay the same amount.  And Waffle House offers twice as many toppings.

Hash browns Huddle House

Hashbrowns at Huddle House

At Waffle House you can customize breakfast platters.  If you don’t eat meat you can substitute at no extra charge with hashbrowns or fruit.  We ordered the French toast platter at Huddle House which comes with eggs and  meat.  We asked to substitute the meat for hashbrowns but they offer no substitutions.  So if you don’t eat meat, expect to pay extra for something else.

Eggs over easy Huddle House

Two Egg Platter at Huddle House

However, Huddle House offers items like mozzarella sticks and fried pickles.  Waffle House doesn’t.  I even ordered fried pickles alongside my two egg platter.  Both offer burgers, chili and salads for dinner.  Truth be told, I have never eaten at either for anything other than breakfast food.  It’s like going to Burger King and ordering the Veggie Burger (I have done that though.)

Fried Pickles Huddle House

Fried Pickles at Huddle House

Both offer a counter where you can sit and watch the food on the grill.  Both offer quick, cheap and greasy.  Both can be crowded at times and get loud.  However, where else but Waffle House can you listen to  Waffle Do Bop and 844,739 Ways to Eat a Hamburger piping out if the jukebox?

Egg biscuit at Waffle House

Egg and Cheese Biscuit at Waffle House

At Waffle House I can order extra pickles with my eggs and not be charged for an additional side.  Waffle House lets me order according to my dietary needs while Huddle House penalizes me for not eating meat.  Hands down, Waffle House not only has the better food, but they treat you like a person and not a number in the cash register.

Egg Wrap Waffle House

Egg-white Wrap at Waffle House

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2 comments for “Waffle House or Huddle House?

  1. Chad
    November 28, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    You just can’t beat Waffle House hash browns…

  2. Toby
    July 11, 2014 at 12:49 am

    So what you are penalized not eating meat. You should be. The menu is designed for the majority not minority of eating preferences. If you don’t fit that, then you don’t get the benefit. Like the rest of life

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