Yo Boys Frozen Yogurt – Ybor City, Tampa

5 out of 5 sprouts

5 out of 5 sprouts

Yo Boys is just one of many of these new froyo places that have become all the rage- however, Yo Boys stands out among other bland and somewhat boring yogurt joints.  This place is not part of a chain nor a franchise, but rather an independent outlet that serves up some frozen uniqueness.

Yo Boys Ybor City

The location is in the heart of the Cuban-inspired neighborhood of Ybor City in Tampa, however, the décor is very New York City.  Directions for making your own yogurt sundae line the walls like the map of the New York City subway map.  First, you get a cup.

Yo Boys

Next, choose among any of the flavor options that line the wall.  An endless rotating wheel of options- from Sweet Coconut to Peanut Butter to Cake Batter.  No sugar added options like Vanilla and Strawberry.

Dairy Free

Dairy-free sorbet options like Mango Tango and Pomegranate Raspberry.

Irish mint and Cookies and Cream

After taste-tasting a number of options, Chad settled for a mix of Irish Mint and Cookies and Cream.  The next step is to hit up the toppings bar.  Everything from Carob Chips to Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds.  Chad went for the yogurt and Andes mint chips.

Irish mint and Andes mints

I mixed the Dulche de Leche and Café da Leche flavors.  Sweet milk and coffee and I topped my yogurt with Chocolate Rocks, a candy from my childhood.

Cafe con Leche Yogurt

The next step is to step to the counter and have your concoctions weighed.  Normally this is the part where you cringe and roll your eyes as you realize you have just built a $14 frozen yogurt sundae.  However, we were pleasantly surprised when both of our desserts came in at under $9 combined.

Frozen Yogurt

This place had so much character and I loved the wide selection of flavors.Yo Boys window  This was a great post-dinner joint to grab some dessert and watch the rest of the action on busy 7th Street.  And speaking of dinner, Yo Boys has started to venture into the meal arena.  They have started offering tacos and other Mexican fare during lunch and dinner.  Seems like a fun place to come grab a taco and a some frozen yogurt and relax on one of the couches.  I can’t vouch for the tacos but I can sure endorse the yogurt!  5 out of 5 sprouts.

Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds

Chocolate Rocks


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2 comments for “Yo Boys Frozen Yogurt – Ybor City, Tampa

  1. Chad
    September 8, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    How can you *not* like it when you make your own?!?

  2. Jay Bort
    September 14, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    It’s my favorite stop in Ybor City!

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